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Primary Grades

Intermediate Grades

MIddle School

Faith Based Education

Religion is an integrated part of student life at Ascension Catholic School. In addition to daily Religion classes, students incorporate their faith throughout the day in all classes.  The Ascension Family focuses on six core values: Faith, Family, Knowledge, Leadership, Respect and Service.  We provide opportunities for our students to flourish and grow while implementing these values.  It is important for our students to understand and practice these values as they become future leaders with a strong Catholic foundation.   



Ascension Students enjoy special classes of Spanish, Art, Computer, Music, and PE.  Kindergarten  buddies up with 7th graders, and 1st graders buddy up with 8th graders so that students enjoy prayerful and playful time together.  Kindergarten has a morning and afternoon recess, as well as a recess at lunch time.  All students have recess with lunchtime.  


Middle School

Middle School Students rotate classes between teachers for all subject areas including Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Literature and Vocabulary. Students utilize online assignments, and have a daily study hall which allows them access to their teachers for questions or help. Students are exposed to oral presentations, team building, discussion groups, and various leadership roles which prepare them for a seamless transition into high school. 



Ascension realizes the technological world around us is constantly evolving and changing. Utilizing Google Suite, our school embraces Google tools and technology in our classrooms and on campus.

  • Campus-wide wireless network
  • Google For Education School & Google Classroom Assignments
  • iPads in all elementary school classrooms
  • Chromebook Cart System available for K-5
  • 1:1 Chromebooks in the Middle School
    • 8th Grade Students with take home privileges
  • Technological integration through the use of touch projection devices such as Promethean Boards or Epson BrightLink Projectors
  • Renaissance Learning Star Test Program
  • 3D Printer


Resource Center

Our Resource Center at Ascension School is a place where students, individually or in small groups, come to receive additional assistance with their academic subjects. The Resource Room provides reinforcement or re-teaching of skills or concepts taught in the classroom.

Mrs. Blumfelder and Mrs. Davisson work within each student's learning style to maximize success. A variety of techniques and strategies involving the whole child are used. Students utilize the Resource Room on an as needed basis, typically not more than twice a week for thirty minutes. We aim to provide a comfortable, open and relaxing atmosphere where students feel a sense of accomplishment.


The Ascension Early Childhood Center, also known as The Little School, is sponsored by the Ascension Catholic Church.  Established as a separate entity from Ascension K-8 School, The Little School serves 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old children and their families, offering high-quality early education in a Catholic environment.

Feel free to visit our Little School site for more information or to schedule a visit!